Hey you people with good taste good looks and discrimination.
Now is the time to get into a REAL! hammock.

The Cooper’s Cot

Thee ORIGINAL “Cooper’s Cot”™ since 1999.80 year old Antique brass rings and white oak wine barrel stave/ spreaders. This hammock is beautiful .Totally refined design, Art crafted to the maximum! most excellent price. The finest hammock money can buy. Period!
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The Kayaker

Developed for hunting, boating and day relaxing, this specialized hammock packs nicely in a kayak or canoe. It’s a deeper, more cocoonlike hammock, excellent for the great outdoors. The Sailor’s utility Hammock, very practical extended overnighter type.
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The Ultra – Double

A truly unique hammock, suitable for the most refined loft, patio,deck and landscape decor. Can be custom made to fit the most demanding standards, color match requirements and space limits. This model comes with (2) “Sailor’s Sack” stowage hammocks for your small gear, and (2) universal hanging kits. Lots of details
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The question most often NOT asked: Is two singles(cooper’s cots) a better hammock arrangement than one double? The use of a double hammock is a “social event” because the participants really must coordinate their moves, in and out. A single hammock is an island of solitude, each individual has total control of all aspects of the operation. It is my opinion that two hammocks set up close, so that conversation acoustics are not stressed, is ideal. Of course for your most intimate interludes a Ultra-Double is indispensable.


The firefighter-Fireman’s fire station/firehouse hammock, the newest hammock in my line, is now in production and available to professional fire fighters. It looks like it will be the perfect fire station furniture for relaxing and instant body launch to the pole down to the pumping rig. Special prices to fire station interior furniture buyers.


The Sailor’s Sack – Boating Gear Type Hammock
Minimum order – 4 units

Creative and convenient storage system for anything small. Around the house, Mandatory boat gear or pick up truck or Vans like the Westy. A great place for stuffing stuff.
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The Bad Azz Bosun Bag

Totally HD construction using poly-vinyl canvas. Comes complete with 2 color coded tool lanyards, extra large solid brass Bull snap OR Stainless Steel Lobster snap double layer bottom for extended service life, 4 outside pockets. Best knitting bag available anywhere on earth.
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Sort and Shute

This tool is used as a quicker and easier way to sort small parts and loose inventory.
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