How to clean your hammock. Best advice is DO NOT let it get trashed by leaving it out in the set up when you are not using it. It is just common sense to put it away after use. The hook up  and NOT tie up system makes stowage way quick and easy AND reset up is so quick and easy that leaving your hammock soaking up dirt, bird shit and mold is totally unacceptable.

Clean your hammock by hanging outside in a well drained location. Using a fresh water source, spray liberally with a high pressure nozzle, Spray-on cleaners can be used on stubborn stains. Next place the wet hammock in the bath tube and soak with Woolite for 20 min. Agitate/rub the web together using both hands till you have worked the woolite into the fiber. The lanolin will help to keep the web soft. A lite rinse and let it air dry thoroughly before you put it away, that is all. Note: These instructions are for Nylon web hammocks. If you own a fabric hammock refer to that manufactures instructions. The quickest way is to throw it in the swimming pool overnight then rehang it to dry in the sun where it will bleach out light stains. Many fabric hammocks are a cotton blend and are of quite limited service life. If your canvas/fabric hammock is showing signs of fraying you are nearing the end of the safe service life. Click on Shopping cart and step up to THE top tier, Deckhand Manufactured Hammocks. You will be glad you did before you rip out the bottom and bust your ass. That! can ruin your image.

The wood components are finished with a raw tung oil based product that will protect the wood from day-exposure to the weather environment. After a day in the sun, while you were resting, your hammock was working as a personal life-support system. At the end of the day do a little TLC by unhooking your hammock and hanging it in a dry, shaded and covered place far enough off the deck to be out of harms way. If the hammock is hoisted 3+ ft. off the deck it will be beyond the reach of dogs and cats and their less than sanitary habits. I use a pulley, line and cleat system as shown below. This is key to keeping your hammock in tip top condition for the long haul.

I sold a hammock that was left out for 19 months.After that time, totally exposed to the elements, this hammock was very dirty, bird co-rap all over it, and not a place you would enjoy relaxing. I have a hammock that is 11 years old and it has always been stored properly and it looks like new, very little color fading (everything fades on this particular planet, dare I say even your rare beauty) and has never needed cleaning. This is proof to me that there is a right way and a wrong way to deal with the cleaning/ maintenance issues and the correct way is the easiest and the most logical. Nuff said?

Utilizing the hanging kit is the easiest way to maintain and GREATLY increase the service life of these hammocks. This kit, used with a sufficient degree of regularity, and this type of construction, incorporating synthetic cordage, will provide years/decades of use of this the very best type of relaxation platform.

This is the best way to stow a hammock. Use a pulley attached to a shaded, well protected wall(or indoors) with a line running down to a small boat cleat. The s-hook can be acquired from the hardware store. This keeps the hammock, clean, dry, color bright and readily available for quick deployment and while the unit is stored it is NOT aging by pointless exposure to the elements. This Is how you get those decades of service I was talkin about. AND if you raise it 3 ft. off the deck a dog or cat can’t pee on it. A note on Fading: If left out in the sun every thing EVER devised by the hand of man or woman will fade, including these hammocks. Want bright colors? Put the hammock away when not in use. A faded hammock has a certain grace, just like your Levi jeans and that is cool. Bird crap, moss, air born dirt, dead leaves and mouse droppings are way uncool.


A little known point of hammock lore repeats an ancient Aztec refrain leave your shoes on and live a little just inspect them before you get on board because man’s best friend has been known to leave greasy gifts on the land. Note: putting the hammock up and away will tend to keep it from collecting dirt and becoming soiled. The Example Above shows a 11 year old “Cooper’s Cot” that does not need any cleaning yet. Why? because I clean the beach towel or blankets. Just like a house bed you clean what you make the hammock up with, easy.