The Hammock as the Landscape Anchor.

To: The gardeners and landscapers and realtors.

Consider utilizing the hammock as a design theme and staging on your next project. I will be happy to assist you with unique or complicated placement considerations.

My initial consultation is always free. My hard cover book: The Basics of Landscaping w/ Hammocks, which includes a ground design and materials list, is available by request at $1 per copy + postage.

Using a hammock theme for a landscaping design is the way to personalize that 10 ft. x 20 ft. space that you have been looking for. The project costs are reasonable, the heavy lifting is minimal and the range of expression is HUGE. The results are added value to real-estate far above capitol expenditure. If you are thinking of selling your home this is a most unique attraction that has major eye and curb appeal and can be the one added element that moves the property in a reasonable time frame.

Realtors: Think hard about this. A simple landscaping of this scope takes about 24 hrs. ground labor. Total time approx. 30 hrs. This would include parts acquisition and I will help you fine tune your design for freakin free.

Landscaper’s: If you make the effort of designing and landscaping a Hammock in one of your projects it will have a major impact on the overall level of customer satisfaction IF you supply the very best Hammock. This is where I come in. Do your customers a big favor and set them up with a “Cooper’s Cot”. You will be glad you supplied Superior Furniture and they will be too, big time. You can hire me as an on site consultant for 500$ per day + expenses. A lawyer is 500$ an hour and they can be such a pain in the ass. I make good company, drink mineral water AND I listen to you.