THE Store  is closed/gone to Alaska to work,reopen 6/22/2024 Leave message on the contact pageTHANKS. RETIREMENT GIFT HAMMOCK HQ! Heavy duty, old time style, heirloom quality Hammocks made in the U.S./Highest quality Hammock The “Cooper’s Cot”™, Traditional, Old time, vintage Style designs (XXX Large antique (60-80+yrs. old) bronze rings), HIGHEST Tech (Never rot cordage) QUALITY, Made In U.S.A. AND coolest! SAILBOAT HAMMOCK. Taking orders now. For Questions or Product info. Please Use:        “CONTACT NOW“Click yellow lever-upper right.SAFE SET UP ISSUES CAN BE INVESTIGATED HERE 24-7-365!ASK QUESTIONS ASSUME NOTHING.A SAFE SET UP IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!

New Product! in the store: “Bad Azz Bosun Bag” Men, This totally cool tool bag/todo atractivo herramienta bolsa, will organize your work day, bic time. Ladies, THIS IS IT! STELLAR! BAG! shop it till ya drop. Boaters/boat bag/tote bag, Bucket, this is the way to organize every locker on el barco/Das boot. They crush up next to each other and you can fit more into any space, know where stuff is located(color coded) and re-stow gear quickly. Review in PRODUCTS/STORE.

I design and construct the highest quality possible, strongest and totally coolest hammock in the world the “Cooper’s Cot“™ The Hammock Man is also known internationally as “The best Hammock Maker” (not 1/one warrantee issue EVER) working at: DECKHAND MANUFACTURING, building the “Stradivarius” of hammocks right here on the west coast, U.S.A. since 1999. Focusing on what matters most: function, fiber, fit and the finest finesse features and your future with Maximum durability and comfort level built into every hammock. Company motto: “ULTIMUS MAXIMUS IN STABILITAS” (ultimate, maximum in durability) I have just completed the Best double hammocks ever made. If you are thinking heirloom quality decor this is it.

Check out The “ULTRA” This is the complete hammock package! My Hammocks are built as strong ,refined and comfortable as I or ANYBODY! can make them. These are tough, durable, Life long lasting hammocks. If you want to live the good life ,swaying in the summer breeze, place your order today and I will start making your hammock tonight! LVMH=Lavishly venerable, magnificent hammocks, the very best single hammock. NEW ITEM! Totally SUPERIOR/best Gear hammocks, leather details, nice colors. Create much more storage for the least dollars spent. I am able to provide you with thee most total luxurious, maximum durability, best-life support hammock systems available on this planet. A expensive hammock “The Petiole Hammock” costs $35,000usd (more about that later) a cheapy is 60$, or less as you descend into the more notorious disposable imports (much more about that later) .My best selling, complete package is 525US$. Now you know where you’re at. Orders are filled by the date they were received. Remember! This is an “art-crafted hammock package/kit” and absolutely exclusive to Deckhand MFG. Maximum product detailing, in both design and the top level of marlinspike crafting, allows for only very limited production of very durable hammocks. If you are looking for really cheap hammocks you will not find one here. I makes the best B.A. hammocks that money can buy, lasts a lifetime, worth every dime. It is really quite simple, Cheap no good, good no cheap. And $35K? Smart folks don’t need to go there, you knew that. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS HOME PAGE/THANKS!

Presidential Edition, 3  presidents have  used the “Cooper’s Cot”) Hammock. My product is a limited production/best custom made hammock, not a common resort style/type hammock. Truly the best heavy duty hammocks in the world and manufactured in the u.s.a. Good place to start on this site? MISSION STATEMENT. Ya maaaay really need to read and study the extensive instructional material provided for free on this site. Or, to quick check the product line just go to HAMMOCKS and go straight to “just the facts” about the three hammock models; specs, prices, shopping cart, ph#.

Now, to continue, for those of you hankerin to become well educated on the subject of hammocks, hammock use and increase your hammock shopping skills. These are the most eye candy beautiful plus refined design hammocks made in the world, with Made in America pride, price and prestige because I am the finest hammock maker in the free world. FYI, three living presidents now own them. Totally Hand Made in America top tier, regal Quality. If you are looking for “a” hammock go to a cheapy import hammock website. If you are shopping for “the” hammock, you found it, right here, right now. Anniversary present? Yes! Ok!….ready?! WAAAAAAAAAKE UP!! Now, pay at least a little attention when you are seriously shopping for your REAL, TOP GRADE, beauty of a hammock. I want your choice to fit you like a custom tailored suit; perfect. Major statement coming up:

DO NOT! (repeat) PLEASE (I am on my kneez!) DO NOT! even try to compare my hammocks with ANY, including the top grade, commercial market type hammocks. My Hammock designs are way different and superior in ALL the important elements. Authentic marlinespike construction (old time sailor knot tying skills). All state of the art materials, all hand made by me/solo. Low production rate. Why? Creative time commitment = major HEAPS of intricate and detailed, physically stressing manual labor = totally unique and for really real “Art Craft Furniture”. They are NOT, at all, remotely, similar to any other hammocks on the planet, ya just found the best. You will easily discover this when you commit this website to: a One time,complete and comprehensive critical review. Study it once and you will KNOW hammocks. Click on “Hammocks“, This takes less than 5 minutes 51 sec. Do it now. Make the effort, get educated. Book mark me and stay educated-updated. With years of R&D I have achieved the very top level of hammock “comfort zone” design in extra HD construction using all premium components. These hammocks have 10 times the expected service life and an easy 10 times the highly detailed, authentic good looks of all those “AAA” grade commercial brands. They run about twice the money, do the math if you are confused, price it all out and THEN contact me and I will get you into the best hammock you will EVER find and the last one you will ever need to shop for, with a life time guarantee, so there ya go. HELLOOOO “Boat hammock” searchers please use the –Contact– page and tell me why you are not going to the shopping cart and putting in an order. Call me if you have any Qs. Tell me, Exactly what are you REALLY looking for? Better price? different color?c ustom length? WHAT WHAT WHAT! I HAVE THE BEST SAIL BOAT BOAT HAMMOCKS!!! AND the same specs hold true for service life and comfort level. Lasts 10 times longer but only costs less than twice the average.

For an expensive hammock ($23,439.00) check out “HAMMOCK”. Now… For those of us who are smart have good taste AND are on a budget: To vista a real Boat hammock or the house hammock supreme and the best stowage/gear hammocks just click on “Hammocks” for information-specs and very good prices on fine furniture hammocks. When you are done just thinking bush league-ordinary-conventional and start considering: Your one life, real-time values- total excellence, I will be ready when you get there AND I PROVIDE THE SETUP GUIDE LINES FOR SAFE INSTALLATION:SEE “SET UP” AND AVOID HURTING YOURSELF.


shopping cart-24/7. Think about this; what about getting the very best hammock for your house? You live most of the hours of your life there. A really good hammock makes a great home better and these luxurious hammocks are it. You can’t buy or inherit a better one period. I am only able to dedicate 1/2 the year to this industry because I use the profits from these low production, highly detailed, super duty, expertly hand crafted, professionally designed, low priced hammocks to support a beach litter clean up effort in Mexico and Puget Sound in Washington state U.S.of A. All these hammocks ARE guaranteed for life. I am real ready, RIGHT NOW! to outfit your House, vessel, RV, corporate incentive gift plan, with personal sleeper hammocks AND gear stowage hammocks. Click on “Hammocks” scroll to bottom, check out the stowage/gear hammock, “Sailor’s Sack“™. Make life easy-outfit your house/vessel. Check out the “Kayaker“™ for your personal boat hammock. Get a whole boat/casa package? Smart move. Want a real hammock for your cottage or country estate? Best anniversary present/Gift? Think “Cooper’s Cot“™, that is a no brainer. Don’t believe me? Just google “the best hammock maker” (as certified by: E.U. Manufactured products board) and see where you end up. This is the internet home of “One World Hammock University/ Inceptive Institute of Horizontal Studies” and the post graduate-“College of Advanced Creature Comforts”. And the Manufacturing facility of the so dang finest American handmade hammocks. Welcome to Hammock U.! “One World Hammock University” is your comprehensive hammock information website. Learn about hammocks AND contribute information and your experiences. Christmas shopping? It may be time to get-er done for this year, AND lock in your order. Nothing is cheap, if it is nothing less than excellent. Pride in my craft is applied at every single step in the creative process. Result? One simple concept, fully realized. Total excellence in each and every one of these unique, limited edition, major art furniture, definitely cool type hammocks. Sooo…. saaaaay maybe, today you didn’t at first intend to buy “THE HAMMOCK”, but here you are, just a wee bit past maybe, and you can now get yourself serious, because you certainly did just discover something Xxtreeeemly unusual and really quite rare.

The most superlative, handmade, authentic, drop dead beautiful, technically purrrfected hammocks on this earth (or any other known planet) and made to last longer than the proverbial pirate’s perched pink parrot. Please read on ,I promise, you will become better informed about hammock quality and values or at the minimum, with a modest sense of humor, mildly amused.  With the whole ding dang economy in such a totally twisted turmoil, many good things seem so nearly unattainable. So slow down, stop… and then correctly consider this maxium: The Hammock is the keynote of three basic requirements in your life, clean air, good water/food and of course, tranquility, THE gold standard of small (free) pleasures. Research has proven the treasure of tranquility. It promotes a state of mind that allows us to review our daily data upload, mentally digest it and render it into something much more valuable, real, true knowledge .Without this dedicated, personal time of contemplative reflection, way too much of what we attempt to learn each day is continually relegated to the in one ear and out to the temporary information mind basket and then drifts away as a totally unrealized gain. In short, we can all profit physically AND mentally with a well structured premium hammock session everyday. (office sessions are a GOOD thing, I can set you up with this, consultation is free) A premium session nearly always utilizes the OFF! button on that cell phone in your pocket. You can test this relaxation factor right now, ready!.. Phone off?… deep breath, feel better? Yes? I agree. This hangin time environment U/2 can acquire with just a little bit of focused intent and intellectual engagement applied to a relatively simple task. Buy the best Hammock at a fair price (that would be here), set it up way-nice and flop long. No rocket science here or the place you have in mind. Try to make every day’s goal a small taste of for-real satisfaction and relaxation. And, as you should be aware, it really is Hammock time going on, right now, some where, as we speak. Sooo… How about you?

In your own life or a person you love? Would this be appropriate? Are you worth it? Are they? Is today THE day? Answers: yes! THIS is the website where you can order up a totally sawwheat, old fashioned, traditional hammock or a specialized and refined, flat lay, extended stay sleeper, boat type hammock and be enjoying it in 3 days or less. The professionally designed, stock- deluxe AND custom deluxe and absolutely unique decorative hammocks {3 models} presented here are the finest kind in both design and construction. If you can judge quality you will agree. This is VERY HIGHEST QUALITY AVAILABLE ANYWHERE!AND THE MOST DURABLE! If you feel you can’t judge quality please contact me, I will personally explain it to you. People often ask me how long it takes to make a hammock. If I knew that I would quit! I make about 12usd an hour so you can have what most people agree is the best Hammocks. Every hammock in this line has a life time warranty. They are NOT your ordinary everyday hammocks and not at all like some of that funky imported junk. So get ready and prepare yourself to learn about some unique hammock placement situations, design concepts and totally first class, top tier, highest grade handcrafting that will be absolutely new to you. It is all so very very simple. Buy the supreme hammock, develop an excellent placement, live the optimum life. Concentrate on that. This is the www. presence for “One World Hammock University” and is primarily dedicated to hammock information, facts, funk, folklore and much more. Please check out this site as an educational resource and book mark for further study.

Hello boat people! Seriously looking for a serious full body hammock and orBANNANA HAMMOCK/ storage/gear hammocks? This is it, stop looking, you found them. The “Kayaker” hammock model is the only specialized, utility boat hammock on the market today. I know what it costs to keep a boat, lots of $. These hammocks are not cheap (I don’t know of one well made boat component that is cheap) but they are thee most cost effective way to accomplish a major major improvement and up grading of your vessel. Go to the shopping cart, order the “Kayaker“™. and your boating time, on the hook, under way or at the slip will be refined, enhanced and simply a lot more hammock fun. I can say this with assurance because of personal experience on my boat. Consultation is FREE so let’s get a good thing going. If you want to talk it over, call/contact me and I can help you make it all work like a perfect boat or house hammock should.

New Stuff: Hammocks for large/tall, big/heavy man. Contact me, we need to talk, I have the totally NBA/sumo grade custom hammocks that are perfect for a tall, heavy, large, big individual person type human.

New stuff#2: Fishnet shopping bag/French style. For sales click on “Hammocks” OR call #360-393-2665 OR “Contact Us”. Any way you do it you get 100% made in America Hammocks. Old Stuff:Same old tested and approved: “Kayaker” The handmade, extremely strong and most durable-best boat hammock of the bridge type design. All these hammocks ARE! the very TOP QUALITY! If you want real comfortable, heavy duty rope/fishnet, “Storage” and/or “Sleeping” type hammock designs, that will last and last and LAST! and will not wear out here they are… LIFE IS SHORT! MAKE IT SWEET! And you might as well have the best hammock in the world. Want it now? The shopping cart is all yours. Just do it. You deserve it and may have a need for one more than just want one. Cheap import type hammock? I don’t make that flimsy, dangerous, funky junk. If you can show me a better hammock I will give you any hammock in my pro-line free! Check out the internet and I am sure you will agree, I am the best hammock maker (Certified By the E.U. board of Import Trade) with the best hammock website and the best hammocks brand on earth… There, now ya know. Firefighter/fire station hammock now available. Corporate Christmas Gift shop is open. Contact me and I will consult with you to get the perfect hammock. Prices here are twice the cost of the usual stuff and ten times! the product value. Do the math and you will see, this is where the best deal is. Remember: The pleasure of owning and using the best continues long after the pain of price is forgotten. More to the point, good thing no cheap….cheap thing no good. That is not so complex is it? I submit that last bit is from personal experience. This hammock line is NEVER on sale or discounted. Production levels are low because the many marlinespike/knot craft details are labor/time intensive and the materials I use are the very finest available. This IS the good price And the best hammock, period. Research this site for your hammock and the hammock store is open, intelligent buyers needed and wanted, PLEASE do the serious, click to buy, type shopping and keep an American employed and paying taxes.


ANOTHER NEW ITEM: Pillow holder: Beautiful long strand cotton, extravagantly hand embroidered, many colors, leather details, bronze-clips on to the hammock. This is the best pillow holder I have ever found and custom leather rigged to fit the “Cooper’s Cot” hammock, beautiful add on gear /Priced at 150 USD$, SO well detailed, worth it! Specs.? Colors? call me. 360-393-2665.