11.5 ft.L.X27.5 ins. W. Min. hanging space approx.146ins.Super loft hammock!

Colors: “Kodiak Brown” “Navy Blue” “Forest Green”. Green, black, blue, red, rim line.

The Number One, flat lay type boat/utility Hammock in the world. New refinements for 2012 and beyond

This design is intended to provide the user with a deep(14″+depth) cocooning type of real overnighter. You are down in deep and will not roll out in your sleep or get dumped when the weather turns ugly. This is a safe Hammock. Kids find it a good ride. It was researched and developed-strong as a sailor’s hammock should be. It is also most excellent for hunting, camping and day relaxing. When taken on board a kayak it breaks down by the easy removal of the two wooden spreader bar components. 

These fit neatly on either side of the seat. The web portion and hanging kit can be fed into one of the hatches and is easy to unpack for set up.

When used on overnight camping trips, during inclement weather, the tent/awning kit(sold separately) can be draped over the top and gives excellent protection from precipitation, snow and harsh sun in the desert. By staying off the ground and covered overhead, a hunting, camping, venture that would normally be a trial with the elements can be made most comfortable .

The addition of a thermal loss barrier(foam pad),is a good option to add to your kit when the night temp drops. The pad provides a body-heat loss barrier. The fundamental difference between a bed and a hammock? A bed is an insulating pad, a hammock is not. A pad really does work for cold weather and adds to overall comfort level by enhancing the very flat lay feature. I know this from having tried many different combinations of tie in sleeping bags and tie in pads and tie in pillows. The self inflating type pads are hard to beat, very posh camping. Just the way I like it.

Set up on a boat, this hammock is deep enough so the occupant will not be in danger of flipping out should the vessel be smacked with a big ugly wake…you know what I mean.

Onboard installation consultation is available by request. This is a true boat hammock and the best choice for serious hammock use on board your boat. Contact me, let’s talk hammocks on boats.

If you want to make your own sailor’s hammock look at the “Netted Hammock” design in “The Ashley Book Of Knots”. Page #389 Design#3822.Upon your serious review of this design I find it easy to believe you will agree that I can make it better, cheaper, faster and with the colors you most desire. If you think the price is high please consider the quality of the materials I use: The best of the best! AND! I have done extensive R and D on this design and it is a very fine tuned package. I welcome the opportunity to serve your requirements-Mark D. Richardson/Hammock Mechanic.

The hammock:

Wood spreaders: Various Extra sound hard woods, Tung oil finish.
American style knotted web and Nylon thimbles
Amphibious grade leather trim
Hanging kit This is a universal kit. A Totally essential option that will make the set up quick and easy. AND its free.
Also included is a small, attached hammock caddy“Sailors sack”

Total HAMMOCK Package Price: Hammock, Sailor’s Sack, Hanging Kit $325. Top grade product/Great deal for a true working Hammock

Tent/awning kit-Optional add $48 With this option you have a very weather proof habitat. Call for details.360-393-2665

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