I started commercial fishing in 1964, reef netting off Lummi Island in Puget Sound, at the age of 14. After I retired ,as a deckhand, a couple of years later, I started a new career as a hammock mechanic. I realized very little authentic and traditional all American style, handmade, marlin spike craft, web furniture was available to the general public. I wanted to change that, so on Jan.12, 1999 I started….

This line of hammocks is designed around the concept of “Industrial Gleaning”. This is the utilization of New existing manufactured surplus. New Obsolete inventory, New out of date stock, cuttings and other New materials that are available, upon investigation, through Materials Exchange catalogs and various other personal sources. If you are interested in this type of production methodology I am always willing to discuss the particulars of any project you are considering. This free consultation is a major element of the services provided by Deckhand Manufacturing and with my Hammocks and a concerted effort to subvert planned obsolescence, I hope will be a lasting legacy.

All the different materials I use MUST meet the quality control standards of:

  • US sourced
  • clean
  • attractive
  • functionally appropriate
  • 100% mechanically sound (see our Warranty)

Industrial gleaning addresses the prevailing public concerns of buying green, paying lean and being conscious of environmental strain and pain.

I do my pricing by analyzing the www. This keeps my prices current and competitive, when compared with other top tier life support systems. I ship beach to beach and world wide at reasonable rates. Custom projects are always welcome and initial consultation is free free free.

The only thing wrong with doing nothing is you never know when you are finished and an hour in a hammock adds a day to our life. Every time I do the math, again, it looks pretty good.


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Mark D. Richardson,
sole proprietor