My goal is to create web furniture of the very highest quality, utilizing industrial gleaning as a primary materials sourcing method.

All materials are made in the United States of America and ALL the assembly labor is done by hand by me alone. Using traditional marlinespike techniques and the highest level of construction ethics(NOT A DISPOSABLE PRODUCT!! WILL LAST MORE! THAN A LIFE TIME! over 100 years easy) this product line is intended to provide extremely durable life support .This cordage lounge will serve as the very best that I can construct and is a small battle won in the war against planned obsolescence. Allow me to create one for you, your family and your friends for a life time of enjoyment

Mark D. Richardson
sole proprietor/Top tier Hammock Mechanic

The Real big Bonus: When you buy a Hammock from me you are personally helping to support a sustainable farming effort in the field of Filbert/Hazelnut Growing. This is our/your contribution to reversing global warming. For each hammock sold we plant two nut trees. When you purchase from us you are directly investing in improving your planet. When you pay me top dollar you get a top tier product, keep an American working in manufacturing and receive a reward that is hard to collect in todays world, the satisfaction of being part of the solution. Our customers are always welcome visitors on The Farm.