The ORIGINAL!  “Cooper’s Cot”™The best single/art crafted hammock on the market.NEW COLOR  “Midnight Emerald” 12.5 ft. L.X39.5 ins. W. min. Hanging space approx. 158 ins. The Perfecto loft hammock! Uses wine barrel staves. A totally matching set of “Cooper’s Cots”™ are a special order, takes couple extra days.

This hammock is a design that goes back to the days of whaling, wooden ships, iron crewmen and the cooper’s (barrel makers) who were responsible for getting all the blubber back to home port. This modern, extremely strong hammock is a take off on a much older and historically accurate design type. The cordage has been updated to the new, nearly indestructible synthetic fibers AND! genuine antique bronze rings pulled from old commercial fishing gear, a very unique most excellent construction element. Very comfortable, very strong, very very long service life. The three elements that make this choice a no brainer.

I consider this design to be the best hammock in my line to utilize Industrial Gleaning. I am now incorporating mountain climbing line(THIS rope has been to the top of Everest),antique/80 yr. old bronze hanging rings,wine barrel white oak as  components. The result: A most beautiful and functionally perfect hammock that will embrace you.

The spreader bar components are the reuse of wine barrel wood staves from spent cooperage, just like the original whalerman hammock. This material is White Oak from wine barrels that have had the tannin soaked out into the vintage. As a wine making wood, its days are done; as a hammock spreader, a new career for this exceptional wood is just getting started. This is using the forest twice, the first time, as cooperage,6-8 years service and the second time as a hammock, 60-90+years expected service life. This is “Industrial Gleaning” meeting it’s ultimate objectives.

BIG! BIG! BIG! NOTE: The very large/huge authentic antique brass/bronze rings are recycled commercial fishing gear components. The brass rings I incorporate into this unit are between 50 to 80 years old. They ARE the REAL thing; Truly a piece of maritime history, the heirloom component that makes each Cooper s Cot a collectible piece that will show antique value at the very beginning of its service life. These rings are large, heavy duty artifacts with a very interesting story to tell and they look sooo Daaammmn cool. When they are gone (?) this model will be out of production/Fini. Don’t wait too long and miss out.


This hammock is my most developed marlinespike craft effort. The level of Design Evolution and Art Detailing makes this the premier limited edition hammock in my line and this is a very good price for a hammock that will last you a longer life time. There is NOTHING else like this hammock unless someone steals my design(pat. pend.),and if that happens it will just go to show how good a design concept it really is. The current artistic detailing is not on this site yet, if you want to see the latest version contact me and I will send you some images of the newest crafting innovations. The “Cooper’s Cot”™ is now the most comfortable life support system on earth and a really fun hammock. You have my word on it. Mark Richardson/Hammock mechanic.


The components:

Major/Major Antique brass rings(WHEN AVAILABLE! cost plus!)
Wine cask white oak spreaders
clip in PILLOW HOLDER add $125
Knotted nylon web (American style)
Includes(1) Hanging kit
AND (1) Sailor’s sack-Hammock caddy

Hellooooo…Hey you guys!!! This is THE girl friend Hammock, do the right thing for her, she do right to you, everybody be happy.

Price: $525.00 /ADD 125$ for deluxe, leather rigged, pillow holder

I have invested major time creating this hammock with the very best materials available. The R&D over the years has resulted in the finest hammock package available. You will get what you pay for. The Coolest, strongest, refined design Hammock you will ever find.CALL ME @ 360-393-2665


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