14.0 ft.L.X55.5 ins. W Min. hanging space 180 ins. Colors available: Green, brown, blue. I can ship these today.

The most expensive I have found on the www is $23,439.00 usd$ This is a way better unit at 1100.00usd$.Makes ya think. I Hope!

The “Ultra” is my attempt to maximize scope and size while keeping strong, attractive, manageable proportions.(Also available as a custom wide hammock}This hammock is suitable for the most refined interior designs, patio arrangements, decks and landscape garden furniture integration. This unique design has a pucker strap down the center line to divide it into two panels. This makes it the most comfortable, versatile, deluxe, art crafted, two person, rico vista, hammock you will ever find.

NOTE: There will be a test on the next paragraph, it is important.

When pulled tight this pucker lifts and divides the middle of the bed panel and thus forms two separate cot spaces on one hammock. With the two spaces everybody won’t roll to the center. When the strap is loose you can roll to the middle…right when you want to.

The Super Big hanging rings are between 50 and 80 years old, an artifact of a bygone era. You could say this is an heirloom on the first day and will show good antique value early on. This hammock is designed and constructed as a piece of fine furniture. Many hammocks on the market are made with materials and components that function as advertised but leave a lot to be desired concerning durability and eye appeal, the “Ultra” AND all my other designs are on the opposite end of that spectrum. Heirloom quality is not cheap but it pays for itself in the long run and this line of hammocks is built for a double header marathon endurance dance and then you can decide who gets it in your last Will and Testament.

The colors I use are always revolving within a sphere and rarely return to the exacting shades of yester-year. Custom colors are available – takes awhile, costs a bit more.(Some times NOT, depends on inventory)

This model comes with (2) “Sailor’s Sacks” stowage hammock caddy’s for your small gear, reading glasses, beverage(s), etc. These are really handy, and so stunningly stylish you can wear one or two downtown. These hammock caddies can be rearranged to suit by unclipping and shifting to any position along the rim line.

This type of Custom, 2 person, Hammock can be rendered in any extra large custom width and length up to 100ftL.X50ft.W

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