MINIMUM ORDER! 4 sacks. 32$ EACH! Trust me you can use at least 4. These really are the best gear/stowage hammocks and you can shop till dooms day and NOT find a better product at a better price. I looked, this IS it THE ONLY STOAGE HAMMOCK WITH LEATHER TRIM! More colors, strongest, most refined designed stowage hammock with premium Materials, Nylon and amphib. grade leather? YES! You will need (6) and the minimum order is (4) four.

This small, medium, or large storage hammock stows diverse irregular shaped or delicate objects. You can name it and this hanging web file system will store it for easy retrieval with the added bonus: all that is inside is visible and easy to locate.

On a boat, RV or in the home, for closet or pantry, this “Sailors Sack”™ is one of the best ways to create order out of chaos!
I began with (4) on my boat and finished with 21! and finally had a place FOR EVERYTHING! NOTE: There! is! NO CHEAPER WAY! to install needed stowage! No other type of system comes close! PERIOD! No BULLSHIT!

The minimum order of(4)is the whole house/entire boat starter pack. Get ahead of the crisis of surplus that is such a hassle when you have too much stuff and no place to stuff it. This is the stowage container that is utilized as a caddy attached to the side of the full size hammock models to store cell phone (off) newspaper, reading glasses, apples and a FINE bottle of wine.

These stowage hammocks are a refined design that is fine tuned to hold and NOT spill your expensive camera or other personal belongings. The details of high grade leather trim is only available on these, Deckhand Manufactured, units. You won’t find a comparable stowage hammock anywhere, these are the best. I have nine colors to choose from. Make life easy, let me make up a hammock package for your house, RV, boat or truck. Pickups to 18 wheelers. CUSTOM sizes AVAILABLE.

Ladies: I also make(custom/special order: call) the “Sailor’s Sack” in a wearable model, French style, Paris type with an assortment of leathers for the shoulder strap, details and a HD brass snap. These are stun style and you can wear one or two downtown empty to use as refillable grocery bags while you make that Major fashion statement. price: 75$ for a very cool, useful, durable, unique, colorful, handy, Web Bag, a total must for liberty jaunts and jolly boat trips. Take this ashore and fill it, bring it back and hang it in place, done, that was easy. (Images available on request)

Stow: CDs, DVDs, books, magazines, mail, shoes, boots, clothes, hats, camera gear, binoculars, French press, iguana, bread, cigars/mouth wash, flashlight, etc. Also ripens fruit to perfection. Note: In the larger sizes, these are THE BEST way to store those expensive goose down items, loose and uncrushed, to save the insulation properties of those expensive garments and comforters. I recommend you install the big ones in your closets. And I can make custom lengths for a perfect fit.

FITTING NOTES: When you install these stow hammocks it is best to allow a 2-3 inch droop to the rim line/top. This extra slack allows ease of packing and retrieval of gear. Bungy cord to mount the ends can be used to advantage in many placements.

Details and other installation tips: These hammocks can be a, basic stowage system Focus, in homes, watercraft, RV, and the total cost and time is very, very reasonable compared to built-in systems. Each type of hanging installation is site specific. If you need help with a multi-hammock installation, just call me, I will be glad to help. THERE IS NO CHEAPER WAY to outfit your space! I have been refining my installations by using 1 gal. HD ziplock bags to keep gear(especially wires and other tangly stuff) sorted better. I also add a small plastic basket(8″X10″) in the fruit stowage unit to prevent spoiled produce from making a mess and it really works well.

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