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This web site is intended to be a full color E. CAT. . I will personally return all E.grams and phone calls(360-393-2665) for HAMMOCKS. The nature of this hammock line is all handcrafted and totally top tier. I want to fit you AND your particular situation so the perfect Hammock in chula/hot

colors arrives at your door with all the necessary accessories ready to set up and Rock soft on day one.

My retail process demands person to person consultation because I like to size a hammock to a person, like a tailor fits a suit of clothes to an individual. I am available to answer your questions and inquiries between 8am-9pm Pacific Ocean standard time zone. E.Grams 24-7 (you knew that)

Please, to leave your phone number in Print/ NOT THE ANSWERING MACHINE! THANKS! And  please,no text messages!

Call:  360-393-2665 – 8am-9pm PST

Note: If I go fishing I may not call you for a few days. Do not panic….you know the form.

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