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Totally HD construction using poly-vinyl canvas,same type of material used to make inflatable boats. Comes complete with 4 color coded tool lanyards, extra large,HD, solid brass Bull snap, double layer bottom for extended service life, 4 outside pockets.Ergonomic bail/handle,reinforced rim for easy access.This Bosun Bag is 1 tough cookie and will last a life time.Many colors to choose from.Custom colors available add 100%.These Bosun bags are a major organizer for any job on your "to do" list.Load tools,transport to job site,git er done,return to base,have a beer.Way easy.Great bag for working aloft.

Custom colors are available but way more money.Pick a color and I will email you an image of a similar color type in stock.The 3 outside pockets, in 3 separate colors,will organize tools and gear most effectively. Note:if you order 24 bags I will make them the color you want at standard pricing.105.95US$ PLEASE compare prices so you will know I got the best Bad Azz Bag deal going on right here!

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