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! BEST BOAT ORGANIZER ! 10" in Diameter by 12" tall Boat bag.Totally HEAVY DUTY construction(tested to135lbs 9/17/17) using nylon poly-vinyl clad nylon-canvas,same type of material used to make inflatable boats.This Big, professional level Bosun's Bag is just the container to organize every locker on your vessel.They crush up tight so you can get more in less space and restow gear quickly without the usual,all too common "Layering" situation that creates a permanent "sedimentary" hassle/on board mess.Try 4/6 Bags and you will like the results so much you will want to do up the whole boat.I am going with 16 units for our boat.Major note:.I am pleased to inform you, after Mexico cruising trials winter 2018, these bags have solved all my onboard stowage issues and then some!Getting tools/gear out from the bottom of the space is much easier and faster.Putting stuff away,quick and easy.Grouping tools for repetitive tasks streamlines the work load big time.Comes with OPTIONAL: (2) color coded tool lanyards, extra large,HD Stainless Steel Lobster snap OR solid brass Bull snap to clip the Bag securely when going aloft(add 10$ per bag).All bags have a double layer bottom for extended service life, 5/6 outside pockets.Ergonomic bail/handle,reinforced rim for easy access.The reinforced rim keeps the bag open and the outside pockets closed.This "Cool Tool" Bosun Bag is 1 tough cookie and will last a life time.Many colors to choose from.Custom colors available,add 100%.(pick a stock color and get best deal)These Bosun bags are a major organizer/time saver for ANY job on your "to do" list.NOTE: I personally utilized this Bag on my last remodel and can say it paid for itself in 30 days because I had my tool kit on hand and ready to employ.This eliminated the repeat,repeat,repeat trips to the tool room and SAVED A TON OF TIME!Load tools,transport to job site,git er done,return to base,swallow beer.Way easy.Great bag for working aloft.Best Bosun Bag/bucket you can find,traditional design/state of the art materials, super strong,looks great.NOTE:Think about this bossman,This Bag Makes the best Productivity increasing "Employee of excellence award" gift you can find!Buy a dozen and get the whole company totally up to speed..Call me for a wholesale,(6) units/Quote: 360-966-7700 or use the contact page on this site.

Custom colors and over shoulder strap are available at additional cost..Pick a color and I will email you an image of a similar color- type in stock.The 5/7 outside pockets will organize tools and safety gear most effectively.Did I mention it will pack 135 lbs. and not even squeak! Note:if you order 12 bags I will make them the color you want at wholesale pricing.84.95US$ PLEASE compare prices so you will know I have the best "Bad Azz Bosun Bag"Stellar deal going down right here! Other uses:Shopping,gardening,household chores cleaning kit,on the job tool bag,BOAT BAG LOCKER ORGANIZER!,picnic basket,lunch in the cubical,lots of beer and ice,art supplies in the field,Day at the beach gear.....?????Come on you guys! clue me! There has got to be more!.....THIS JUST IN FROM Guadalajara :A CHIHUAHUA bag! Holds 2 dogs AND a blanket.

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