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This web site is intended to be a full color ECAT. . I will personally return all E.grams and phone calls for HAMMOCKS. The nature of this hammock line is all handcrafted and totally top tier. I want to fit you AND your particular situation so the perfect Hammock in chula colors arrives at your door with all the nessesary assessories ready to set up and Rock soft on day one.

My retail process demands person to person consultation because I like to size a hammock to a person, like a tailor fits a suit of clothes to an individual. I am available to answer your questions and inquiries between 8am-9pm Pacific Ocean standard time zone.E.Grams 24-7(you knew that)

Please, to leave your phone number in Print/ NOT THE ANSWERING MACHINE!THANKS!And no text messages!

Call: Land line # 360-966-7700 or cell# 360-393-2665 - 8am-9pm PST

Note: If I go fishing I may not call you for a few days. Do not know the form.

Or you can use our handy contact form below.And I will NEVER/EVER!! sell,share, lease,give,transfer,rent,trade or exchange your e.mail address to/with anyone, period/promise./M.D.R.


"Where to See Us living the good life, Hanging Out in Hammocks that you can try and buy"co-lick here.

"And if you want to look at something Contact me and I will send you images to look at H.P."

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